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We believe that every day is a new opportunity to change your life and that of someone else. We support people in finding their personal new day by equipping them with access to educational opportunities, community, and opportunities that enhance prosperity.

Life is a series of moments

We believe firmly that people can change their world by learning to seize this moment.

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Quest to the Castle

You helped us raise funds to provide scholarships for children and youth in local programs that build confidence, encourage self expression and encourage self sufficiency.

Self Expression

We provide scholarships to children and youth that provide opportunities to build confidence, self expression and self sufficiency

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Your tax deductable donations help children and families afford participation in programs that encourage confidence, self expression, and self sufficiency. Thank you!

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Each moment we have the choice to create our visions and dreams into reality - THIS Moment campaign is to inspire all children, young and old, to know that THIS Moment they can choose to make their New Day World.
Children ARE the future, we believe that all children deserve opportunity to build confidence, find self expression and develop the skills necessary to live life abundantly. Join us in our mission!
This Moment choose to make it a NEW DAY